Who We Are

Crowdmusic was born from the passion for music and a longstanding friendship. 

Music has always been around us. Countless concerts attended all over the world, new bands discovered, records collected, hours of music listened and played. 

The dream to be working where our passion is was joined by some ideas of how we could possibly innovate in this business to bring more music to fans like ourselves. 

Our vision is to match the unprecedented diversity of music production with their fans in fun live concerts, whererever they are.

There are pockets of fans for most of the bands out there. We want to bring those bands together with their fans in live music celebrations, making sure these events are viable, fun and somehow special. 

Crowdmusic was born to promote:

  • More concerts
  • In more locations 
  • With more and diverse bands

We promote a diverse array of artists and bands, promoting a diverse offering and giving the stage to new artists and to artists that bring something new in their approach to music and live shows.

We promote our own concerts on top of our team’s experience and industry knowledge, but also partner with other promoters to help them promote more concerts and serve better the public.

We have in the team a combined and varied experience in the industry. Our primary goal being new to the market is to establish a relationship of trust and competence with the main players in the industry, promoting several successful concerts that go along with our vision. 

We are primarily in the market promoting concerts by the industry’s playbook, taking good care of the public and the bands we promote.

To leverage those concerts to more locations and more public we aim at slowly introducing a new business model based on pre-sale and crowdfunding strategies, using scarcity and limited time concert offerings to increase or antecipate demand.

Our model is designed to urge the fans that really want to see that band to buy pre-sell tickets in a limited time offer deal, in an all or nothing kind of process. 


Disclaimer: Before using this model, we will always discuss with you the usage of this methodology. If we didn’t mention it, it is because we will be promoting the concert in the “Industry Way”. This model needs a true cooperation between the promoter and the band/booking manager. Please ask us more about this and we will be glad to discuss it.

There is today more public for more bands and a bigger share of wallet for the average fan to spend on live music. 

However, excluding a few highly popular acts, tipically 80% of the tickets for a show are sold in the late 20% of the time of ticket selling, right before the show happens. 

With an increasingly higher offering of bands and a wider distribution of those through the listeners, it becomes increasingly dificult to predict a show’s success. This consuming behavior of procrastinating the buying of the ticket is an additional source of uncertainty. 

This is a risky cocktail, specially when promoting emergent or indepented acts.

Our alternative model is designed at driving the selling of a % of the tickets early on, assuring maket validation and early funds to promote the concert, covering a part or all of the initial costs.

The merits of this model are:

  • True market validation: there is no better polling than fan putting their money where their mouth is;
  • Positive impact on cash-flow, anticipating revenes and freeing more funds to scale the promoter’s activity;
  • More concerts, in more locations.
  • Better engagement with the fans. Fans will get the intangible feeling of ownership of helping their favorite bands play in their town. “I am part of this! I made this happen” – is something a few will be proud to say and share. This relationship uncovers a lot of engagement opportunities; 


To know more, please aks us how this trully works – info@crowdmusic.pt

We are now promoting our first concerts, establishing partnerships and relationships within the industy, and negotiating our first gigs. 

We are refining our alternate model in the background, but for now we will be promoting concerts just as anyone else, bringing our passion and experience to the mix.

Please get in touch if you want to chat or know more about us or our methodologies, how we work, or if your want to partner with us in some way.



António Fernandes


With a vast experience in European, British and Portuguese music business António Fernandes has a 10 years plus experience as agent, producer and promoter.

With past roles in the agency Primeira Linha he has been working as a free lancer for the last few years, mostly with Jazz and World Music artists. He has produced over the years concerts and tours in Portugal and other European countries (UK, France and Netherlands for example) for an eclectic array of artists.

He has worked directly with Nina Miranda, Marcelo D2, O Rappa, Miguel Araújo, Mina World Music, Maria Monda, Renato Mont, Aline Paes, The Black Mamba, Cordel, Edu Mundo or Fogo Fogo.

In 2022 he has produced a jazz festival in Porto – Porta Jazz Festival. 

Inês Leão


Inês Leão has a career connected to event production since 2006. She held a number of positions in event production and programming, namely in Teatro do Campo Alegre and Casa da Música. Currently, she’s working as Executive Producer in Casa da Música, the most important and eccletic venue in the city of Porto. 

As a freelancer she has been collaborating in the production of NOS Primavera Sound festival in Porto since it’s first edition. NOS Primavera Sound is the biggest music festival in Porto and one of the biggest in Portugal. 

João Dessa


João is a music addict, collecting music, concert tickets and experiences, and instruments. He is an amateur musician, playing mostly guitar. He has also a passion of producing amateur home crafted tracks using DAWs, midi keyboards and instruments. 

João is also an experienced senior software product manager, having a career in different industries solving complex problems and getting stuff done with multi-disciplinary teams. 

Francisco Bacelar


Francisco Bacelar is an avid concert-goer, a music collector and amateur bass player who has music as a passion. He is an accomplished senior project manager in Energy projects with experience in getting things done and delivered on budget and on schedule in an international and cross cultural environment.